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Here's a little blurb and a link for all of the great local businesses we appreciate!

Mumbled Sentences Press - All of your printing needs are answered! If you need to print posters, CD sleeves, or anything else, shoot Dain an e-mail at!

Booking Collective - Book your own show! was designed as a service for both independent artists and venues, to be a directory linking venues and performers efficiently. Venues no longer have to comb MySpace or Facebook to find available performers in their areas. simplifies this process by compiling information on both venues and bands to create ideal match-ups between the two.

KFAI Fresh Air Radio 90.3 - KFAI is a volunteer-based community radio station that exists to broadcast information, arts and entertainment programming for an audience of diverse racial, social and economic backgrounds. By providing a voice for people ignored or misrepresented by mainstream media, KFAI increases understanding between peoples and communities, while fostering the values of democracy and social justice. KFAI is listener-supported, with over 3,400 members contributing nearly half of its income. KFAI has been broadcasting since 1978 with major signal expansions in 1982 and 1994.

Flat Earth Brewing - After years of careful planning - and mortgaging everything - the Flat Earth Brewing Company was brought to life in 2007 by head brewer Jeff Williamson and his wife Cathie. Flat Earth Brewing produces a variety of artisan ales and lagers every month. As the beers roll out of the brewery, you're sure to see a theme develop around their names - a hint of conspiracy, perhaps. The names are meant to get people thinking and talking. Whether you enjoy Flat Earth beers at home or out with friends, there are no secrets when it comes to good beer.

The Acadia Cafe – Acadia Cafe features an eclectic mix of all original music, performed nightly with no cover charge! Acadia is known for their diverse range of beers - 28 on tap, 40+ bottles, and nightly beer specials. Acadia also features a full kitchen - serving burgers, fries, appetizers, grilled and cold sandwiches, as well as desserts and a full espresso bar. Formerly known as The New Riverside Cafe, the building has hosted live acts for decades.

The Nomad World Pub – The Nomad is known for their specialty beer list and genre-spanning music selection. If you're in the mood for watching a soccer game inside or playing some bocce ball outside, this is the place to be. Featuring one of the biggest patios in the city, it is a great place to enjoy a night time bonfire with friends.

The Red Sea Bar - The Red Sea's international crowd, ethnic food and wide variety of music has made them a favorite bar and nightclub since 1990. Their shows span genres from hip hop to heavy metal. The Red Sea is home to one of the largest and best sounding stages in the Twin Cities. They also have one of the few billiard tables in the city. The Red Sea validates parking in the lot behind their bar with a free beer!

The Bedlam Theatre - The Bedlam Theatre was the best venue in town. The group is still together, they're still puting on shows at other venues. They plan to reopen a new space eventually.

The Hard Times Cafe - Hard Times is open 22 hours a day, so no time is a bad time to drop by and get something to eat. Prices are cheap and the food is amazing! Their all vegan and vegetarian menu keeps the pounds off and the animals alive. Front Porch Sitters strongly suggest ordering the biscuits and gravy!

The Wienery - The tradition of the neighborhood diner at the Wienery location goes back many years, to when Edna's served up affordable homemade meals for weary West Bankers. KJ and Pat are strongly committed to the West Bank neighborhood and providing homemade, high quality, affordable food to people who live on, play at, or visit the West Bank. They are happy to carry on the tradition of the west bank neighborhood diner and welcome you to come visit.

Mario's Keller Bar - Located underneath Gasthofzs, Mario's Keller Bar handles the late night fun times and live music of the building. Mario's Keller Bar is one of the favorite beer destinations in the city, thanks to their beer boots and massive selection of tap beer. Music varies throughout the week, you are almost always gauranteed some great polka music on the weekends. If you're looking for a different experience, head on down to Mario's Keller Bar.

Hell's Kitchen - In the heart of downtown Minneapolis, you'll discover Hell's Kitchen serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks 7 days a week. Rather than over-the-top fancy food, they just serve real food, carefully prepared from scratch. They also feature great local music almost every night of the week. Feel free to bring the kids out for a great night of food and live music.

Minneapolis Eagles Club - If you're in the mood for bingo, poker, live music, or karaoke, the Eagles Club is the place for you! They also have a full kitchen. The Eagles Club regularly hosts some of Minneapolis' most experienced and well known musicians.

The West Bank School of Music - West Bank School of Music is a non-profit music school. Their mission is to transform lives and community through innovative music education and inspiring performances. They have been meeting the Twin Cities' urban community’s need for affordable and personalized music education since 1970. Their faculty of performing, professional musicians helps each student, whether beginner or actively performing artist, define and achieve their goals through flexible, creative, and motivating musical instruction.

Palmer's Bar - Features some of the best music in town and one of the largest patios. You're gauranteed a fine show, a warm fire and a great time at this long standing establishment.

Red Stag Supper Club - The Red Stag Supper Club strives to be a good local & world citizen by serving local & organic foods as much as possible, conserving resources & composting waste, and by always being on the lookout as to how to better its business practices. The Red Stag Supper Club values its relationship with its customers, its workers, and the environment in which we all live.

The 331 Club - Never a cover! Great drink specials and fantastic live music almost every night of the week.

Club Underground - Features local rock music. Located below the Spring St Tavern in NE Minneapolis.

Sauce Spirits and Soundbar - Sauce Spirits and Soundbar is a full service, dine-in or take-out restaurant, music venue, and art gallery. Live shows feature local and touring bands in an intimate setting with excellent sound quality and optimal sightlines from every corner of the venue.

Memory Lanes - Sick of standing around at shows? Why not bowl while watching a local band!? Memory Lanes combines the best of both worlds with live music 2 to 3 times a week.

Lee's Liquor Lounge - "It isn't Louis Sirian that makes Lee's Bar," [Lou] says. "It's a young bunch of boys with different types of bands. They really make Lee's Bar. I'm just the owner."

The Turf Club and Clown Lounge - A historic venue that spans genres. The bar accomodates quite the crowd. If it's too nuts upstairs you can take a stroll down to The Clown Lounge. You're sure to see something good here almost any night of the week. You can bring your drink outside now!

The Artist's Quarter - Minnesota's premier jazz club. They have live music every night of the week, always with a reasonable cover.

The Kitty Cat Klub - Known for its elaborate interior design features, the Kitty Cat offers a non-standard Dinkytown experience. Great music almost every night of the week.

Grumpy's Northeast - Last but not least...The Best Bar in the world!! We at Front Porch Sitter just love Grumpy's. Don't let the name fool you, the staff is about as friendly as it gets.

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~Diamonds Coffee Shop
~East Side Food Co-op
~Matchbox Coffee Shop
~Shuga Records
~331 Club
~Grumpy's NE

Downtown Minneapolis
~Moose and Sadie's
~Espresso Royale (Hennepin)

~Muddsucker's Coffee
~Kitty Cat Klub
~Espresso Royale Dinkytown
~Downtime Bar and Grill

The West Bank
~The Acadia Cafe
~Hard Times Cafe
~The Nomad World Pub
~The Wienery

~Spyhouse Coffee Shop (Nicollet)
~Treehouse Records
~Muddy Waters

The West Bank Revival (September 18th and 19th, 2009)

Over the years folks of many walks of life have picked up an instrument, wandered to the West Bank of Minneapolis, plopped down and called it home. History is made there as strangers and friends alike share food, songs, and ideas over late-night jam sessions or beers at a bar. These gatherings have made the Twin Cities synonymous with community and have led to amazing, ingenuitive music that has cemented us as a capital of the creative arts!

To celebrate this tradition and the folks who've kept it alive for 60 years, we threw a revival - A West Bank Revival! On Friday, Sept 18 and Saturday, Sept 19 2009, The Acadia Cafe, The Bedlam Theatre, Nomad World Pub, and the Red Sea hosted more than 40 local musicians showcasing the diverse creativity Twin Cities artists offer! The Hardtimes Cafe and the Weinery offered food specials, and the West Bank Social Center hosted story-telling and historic photo displays of the West Bank.

Here's a long list of thank you's for making the Revival possible. (pictures at the bottom)

Mumbled Sentences Press for laying waste to 1000's of forests on our behalf!
KFAI, specifically Jackson Buck, Sarah Logeson, Pam Hill, Tony Paul, Dakota Dave and all of our other support there!
Cyn Collins, for all of her help, advice, and inspiration.
Flat Earth Brewing for getting everyone in the mood.
Todd, Trevor and the great sound guys and bartenders at The Nomad World Pub. Frank runs a mean door.
Ted and all our buddies at Acadia!
Russom, Johannes, Matt, and Eric from The Red Sea!
Emrys and everyone else from The Bedlam.
shugE and Anti-Civ, for all of their extra help and blog mastery!
The West Bank Social Center for their awesome hospitality!
Professor Jim, for his special interest in this project and all of his help!
Johan, for recording EVERYTHING at the Nomad!

Will, Jen Bluth, Sean Corum and Chris Apriori for running WAY TOO much door!
All the other door volunteers!
Christine Wittman
Nadine Hennings
Renee Goneau
Meg Ashling
Jack Torrey
Jack Klatt
Martin Brown
Danny Kent
Kari Rightfoot
Evan Burke
Addie Weaver
Amie Peterson
Pam from Fat Chance Jug Band
Kris Gebhard
Eddy Burke
If we forgot anyone, we are deeply sorry, there was a lot of people, let us know and we'll ad you in!

Of course none of this would be possible without the bands!

Dakota Dave
Pop Wagner
Willie Murphy
Ross Kwame Band
A Night in the Box
Gabe Barnett
Jack Klatt
Big Game
One Fast Move...
Sneaky Pete Bauer
Cadillac Kolstad and band
Cornbread Harris
Wide Eyes
La Mala Mana
Eddy Burke
The Boys 'n the Barrels
Doug Otto and the Getaways
Nikki and the Ruemates
Glen Hanson and band
Darkwood Flower
High-Strung String Band
Soul Tight Committee
A paper cup band
Papa John Kolstad
Jerry Rau
Mississippi Driftwood
The Roe Family Singers
The MN Bluegrass Band
Phantom Tails
Chickadee Mountain Martyrs
Grant Hart
Infinity's Children
Baby Grant Johnson
Fat Chance Jug Band
Bouncer Fighter
Painted Saints
The Knotwells

Y'all played great shows and this WOULD NOT HAVE happenned without all of your great help and support letting people know about it!!

All of the bands got paid! FPS incurred no debt! There were almost a 1000 people that showed up for the weekend! We are THRILLED with how it turned out! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT!

Have pictures from the Revival? Send 'em our way -

We would love to hear your feedback, suggestions etc. Please shoot us a line.